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Open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week. Be sure to try our traditional Indian and mouth Chinese dishes, available every day!

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odia dalama

Our in-house chefs use only the finest ingredients and prepare all of our dishes fresh every day. Rated the Best Odia Food in Bhubaneswar. We have been serving Bhubaneswar for 10 years with the best Indian fine dining experience. Our menu consists of a variety of mouth-watering Indian dishes. In addition, our kitchen provides a wide range of meals, including an ample selection of vegetarian dishes.

Most Popular Dishes

odia dalama dishes

Veg meals

People come to us for our incredibly flavorful Indian dishes.. Well known as one of the best family restaurants in Bhubaneswar. Now you can book table.

paneer meals

The taste you receive when you eat the mouthwatering dish Paneer meals is best described as healthful and lively. Visit the Odia dalama restaurant for a fantastic dining experience.

Non-Veg meals

Non-vegetarian dishes will likely provide you with, Extremely yummy and delicious!!! Try one of our delicious non-vegetarian dishes, ranging from nibbles to thalis.

Prwan Meals

Here The seafood is also quite fresh, especially the prawns. All in all, a great spot to relax and eat cheap and tasty prawn meals. It is strongly advised that you attend.

Veg meals

Veg meals

Veg meals

Veg meals

Most Popular Dishes

odia dalama dishes

Veg Thali


Special veg thali


Mutton thali


chicken thali


fish thali


pohala thali


prawan thali




Special rice






mushroom curry


mushroom rai


mati handi mutton



odia dalama dishes

Our chefs are dedicated to using only the finest ingredients and preparing them fresh every day to bring you the most flavorful meals in town. We’ve been rated the Best Odia food in Bhubaneswar. You will love every dish that we serve at this Indian Restaurant.

Our Special Offers

Fish Curry

At Odia Dalama, we ensure you experience the finest flavors of authentic, traditional Indian cuisine with a modern twist.

Chicken Curry

With our delicious chicken curry & other dishes, we have been serving Bhubaneswar with the best Indian fine dining experience.

Pohala Meal

We offer a variety of traditional and fusion desserts, and vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies; leaving you wanting more.

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Every day from 11 AM to 10 PM

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